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How do collagen supplements work?

The Science

Find out the science behind collagen supplements and how a collagen booster can help you get rid of wrinkles to get smooth, plump skin

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Harnessing international standards

Nutrients proven by the EU to build collagen

We use the EU’s Health and Nutritional Claims register as our gold standard which has conclusively proven that vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for skin, bones, cartilage and blood vessels. Vitamin C has also been proven to reach your skin, when consumed as a supplement, to effectively increase collagen production. We use the additional power of bioflavanoids to increase absorption of vitamin C by up to 35%.

Developed for results

Mimics the same process as animal collagen supplements

Animal collagen supplements (marine or bovine collagen) are broken down into amino acids to enable your body to produce its own collagen. Our plant-based blend works in the same way - it provides your body with amino acids as well as key nutrients to support collagen production like vitamin C, beta-carotene and selenium.

Vegan Collagen Before and After

Studies in women aged 40-74

Proven to smooth wrinkles & tighten skin

A clinical study with 3500+ women found that the consumption of certain plant-based antioxodants led to more hydrated skin and enhances the production of barrier lipids to reduce moisture loss and improve skin smoothness

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Thoroughly researched and validated

Harnesses 30 years of scientific evidence

We combine plants and science to deliver visible results. Our wholefood ingredients are backed by over 30 years of scientific evidence and over 200 scientific papers.