Sonia and Jared Founders of Raw Beauty Lab

Clean beauty that doesn’t cost the planet or your health

Raw Beauty Lab is on a mission to help people understand the environmental impact of common supplement and skincare ingredients as well as the impact on health - by providing an alternate cleaner, greener and safer option. The brand was founded by husband and wife team, Jared and Sonia Bainbridge.

Their passion for people and planet, runs through everything the couple do - from their new plant a tree program to the sustainable packaging and meticulous ingredient selection.

Raw Beauty is really showing that true beauty does come from within, with over 10,000 raving fans worldwide and over 700 5 star reviews.

Sonia founder of raw beauty lab


Putting People & Planet First

“I’m super passionate about the impact of natural ingredients - not just for the powerful results but also because plants offer additional health benefits, are cruelty free and much better for the planet”

Vegan Collagen Founder Sonia Bainbridge

As the runner-up for Miss World Australia, Sonia was exposed to many dubious practices within the beauty industry. During her time in the competition, Sonia saw the copious amounts of products with a long list of harmful and unnatural ingredients. Products laces with chemicals that would surely be harmful to anyone who used them?

She knew there had to be an alternative solution to what she was seeing on the packaging of these products. But finding one wasn’t easy. So, she and her partner decided to come up with their own solution.

Armed with their love of natural, plant-based ingredients, Jared's business background, and Sonia's background in pharmacology, they sought to develop a health and wellness product that is 100%-natural, organic, free of toxins and artificial ingredients or shelf-life extenders of any kind. A consumable product to nourish the skin from within. 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, natural and organic.